Sif Week - Day 3: Sif the Warrior
My heart has no place in this. I have orders.

sif week, day three: sif the warrior

"Thor was wrong about you, Sif… You’ll fit right in with the Valkyries.


Hello and welcome to Sif Week! Sif Week is a week in July (the 6th to the 12th) dedicated to the lovely character of Sif, both her comic and film incarnations. Its aim is to bring together and inspire fans of Lady Sif, to foster a sense of community and to celebrate one of our favorite characters.

The prompts below serve as a guideline for the days of the week, but you are in no way obligated to base your entries upon them.

Prompts can consist of anything in any form — graphics and gifsets, fanart and fanfiction, cosplay and fanvideo, meta and fanmixes… anything that you wish to create is acceptable, so long as it follows our rules and guidelines!

So here are our prompts and their corresponding tags~

  • Day 1: Sif’s Character Traits
    (tag: prompt: traits)
  • Day 2: Sif’s Costumes
    (tag: prompt: costumes)
  • Day 3: Sif the Warrior
    (tag: prompt: warrior)
  • Day 4: Comic Appreciation
    (tag: prompt: comics)
  • Day 5: Favorite Sif Scenes & Quotes
    (tag: prompt: scenes)
  • Day 6: Sif’s Relationships
    (tag: prompt: relationships)
  • Day 7: Free-For-All
    (tag: prompt: free)

If your entry is based a prompt, be sure to use the corresponding tag within the first five tag slots or else your entry won’t show up in the tag! Also, be sure to tag your entry, regardless of whether you chose to base your entry on a prompt, with #sif week.

Please check out our blog for more information and resources!